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IZ Story Socials with Teika Marija Smits

IZ Story Socials are a new way to read the stories we love. Find out more about them here.

Explore and discuss 24 fantastic stories with author and editor Teika Marija Smits and Interzone and IZ Digital editor Gareth Jelley.

Guest appearances by Elizabeth Bear, R.T. Ester, Seanan McGuire, Aliya Whiteley, and Lavanya Lakshminarayan.

Teika Marija Smits is a UK-based writer, freelance editor and mother-of-two. Her poetry, short fiction and non-fiction have been widely published. Teika was formerly the managing editor of Mother’s Milk Books and is now an Editor-at-Large at Valley Press alongside running The Book Stewards – a writers’ support site that she manages with her husband. In her spare moments she likes to doodle, draw and paint. Her story ‘The November Room or Leaving the Labyrinth’ will be published in IZ Digital.

Teika’s first series of IZ Story Socials will begin in July 2023 and run for 12 weeks (with some breaks) on Thursdays from 20:00 to 22:00 UTC+1.

  • 12 weeks
  • 2 hours each week
  • Thursdays from 20:00 to 22:00 UTC+1
  • reading list and dates below
  • Meeting links will be sent after you sign up


Reading List

Here are the stories for each IZ Story Social with Teika Marija Smits, along with links to places to find them. Bookshop links are to paperback editions wherever possible, and in most cases ebooks are available.

Week 1  //  20 July 2023

Guest writer: Elizabeth Bear

Week 2  //  27 July 2023

Week 3  //  3 August 2023

Guest writer: Lavanya Lakshminarayan

Week 4  //  10 August 2023

Guest writer: Aliya Whiteley

Week 5  //  7 September 2023

Guest writer: Keith Brooke

Week 6  //  14 September 2023

Week 7  //  21 September 2023

Week 8 //  28 September 2023

Guest writer: R.T. Ester

Week 9  //  5 October 2023

Week 10  //  12 October 2023

Week 11  //  19 October 2023

Guest writer: Val Nolan

Week 12  //  26 October 2023

If you have any questions, or any problems finding the stories above, please email socials [at] interzone [dot] press as early as possible, thank you.

— Gareth Jelley, Editor & Publisher of Interzone & IZ Digital

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